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100-people Hybrid Auditorium

100-people Hybrid Auditorium, central WUXGA projection, POLY G7500 videoconfernce system – 4K + 8-inch control tablet, 2x PTZ camera autotracking/ autoframing with speaker follow-up, ceiling sound system, DANTE “Symetrix” AEC/AFC/DSP audio processor, Delay, “Crestron” management system + touchscreen control, wireless and wired connection.


Large event and meeting room

Large event, meeting room - 1000m² - 7 screens with 3-room partitions, 6x WUXGA projection - 7000 ANSI lumen, 1x center WUXGA projection – 14.000 ANSI lumen, “Crestron” management system, 2x wall touchscreen control, 1x wireless touchscreen, HDBaseT matrix 8x8, wireless and wired connection.


15X Interactive videoconference hybrid meeting room

15x Interactive videoconference hybrid meeting room, 10 to 20 people,  Pro LED touchmonitor/ 75 to 86-inch 20 touch whiteboard (image size = 165x93cm to 190x107cm), POLY X30, X50 and X70-4K videoconference system + control touchpanel 8’’, camera autotracking/ autoframing with speaker follow-up, 6 simultaneous streams.

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