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Desk booking system GoBright WORK

This system offers several solutions for the booking of desks in a company.

The general concept of “Work” solution includes a general management of several desks via a Web/Phone/tablet application in the cloud and numerous captors, switches, NFC tags placed on each desk in the company.

  • The users can book a desk and see "live" availability of the desks in the company via a user-friendly graphic interface
  • A lot of accessories (presence detector, command switches, NFC tag, LED indicators, etc…) allow a direct book of the desk on site and confirmation of the presence of the user
  • The users can select on site the type of presence thanks to a color code: Busy = RED color, free = GREEN color or PURPLE = COVID cleaning needed

Features :

  • Online desk selection
  • Visible occupation
  • Stimulating hot desking
  • Clear analytics
  • Customer specific solution

Watch the below video for more information:




Triple large videoconference room

Triple large videoconference meeting room with removable partitions, 96 and 75-inch PRO monitor (Image size 190x107cm and 165x93cm), last generation Cisco videoconference system “WebexRoom PLUS”, automatic tracking camera (Speaker tracking), digital ceiling microphones and “Crestron” management system with 7-inch 3-color touchpanels.


Basic videoconference meeting rooms

Videoconference meeting rooms, 86 and 75-inch PRO monitor (Image sizes 190x107 and 165x93cm), PTZ videoconference camera and USB table microphone, AV connection table box, Av optical wiring.

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