Realpresence "Cisco" DX80 - 1 person

The Cisco Webex DX80 makes it easy to collaborate over video. Meet with people like you’re in the same room, with life-size video on a 23-inch touchscreen. And you no longer need an external monitor or separate IP phone.

Setup Assistant

You can easily set up the DX80 yourself in just a few minutes. And you’ll find all the commands right on the touchscreen, which makes it easy to use, too.

Laptop Integration

Connect your PC or Mac to the DX to share content in meetings, or to use the DX as a display. You can also play your laptop audio, including music, on the superior acoustics of the DX.

Other Key Features

  • Easily join meetings with just one button to push
  • Tilt the camera downward to share physical content from your desk
  • Use Cisco Expressway for quick and simple remote registration
  • Cisco end-to-end security features
  • Cisco Webex Room OS enables whiteboarding and annotating content during meetings